naked art

I’ve seen this image a couple times before but only in passing so I didn’t realize that the stripes down these stairs are made of painted frame moudlings. Of course this made me like it even more. So clever.

The work is called ‘Framed’ and its by Stuart Haygarth for the London Design Festival in 2010 and the stairs are in the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

The work aligns the structural architecture of staircases with the ‘right angle’ sample mouldings commonly displayed throughout the picture framing industry.

The analogy of those two shapes gave me the idea of cladding the staircase in the multitudes of mouldings available to create a work akin to 3D graffiti on a traditional staircase. Reminiscent of the yellow brick road in ‘The Wizard of Oz‘ a marble pathway clear of frames enables the viewer to walk through the installation.

-Stuart Haygarth from

It’s nice to see frame moulding used out of context. I feel like it’s a common occurrence in a frame shop to see moulding used for a multitude of things besides a frame - make-shift shelving, knick-knack boxes, rulers, strange framer tools - the list goes on. But I suppose most people don’t come by surplus frame moulding very easily…which brings me to my next discovery…

John Jones framing of London provided the moulding for Haygarth’s project. I don’t know if you’ve heard of or seen their frames, but they are beautiful…and worth their own post. Coming soon…